You Want to Sponsor / Donate?

MGSO become a sponsor

Do you have a business and want to reach out to the community? Modh Gandhi Samaj of Ontario along with Panchal and Mochi Samaj are hosting a Navratri Mela 2016 on Saturday October 8 , 2016 @ Brampton Soccer Centre. We are looking for sponsors* for this event. We have various packages available. If you are interested, feel free to comment and we will PM you the details. This is a wonderful opportunity as posters will be at major Indian grocery stores and this event will be open to public. Don’t miss out!!

Please contact MGSO entertainment / committee member prior to date above.

*Terms/conditions Apply

Sponsorship/ Donate

I/We ______________________________________
would like to Sponsor/Donate ______________________
for the amount of $ _______.____   or for purpose
to Modh Gandhi Samaj Of Ontario.

I/We wish you disclose/ Undisclose our
Sponsorship for this purpose

Please make cheque payable to :
Modh Gandhi Samaj Of Ontario
Let Any of our executive committee member know for Current Admin office Location.

Alternatively you can also mail it to Incorporation Regd. Address:
3, Butterfield Cres, Maple, Ont, L6A 1J5

and Instruct accordingly.

Thank you for your generous support,


President & Executive Committee.

We will contact you upon received information as above, Thanks for your Generous Support, Samaj Welcome your Sponsor or Donation…

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