United We Stand. Gandhi Samaj (International)

Let The World Know United we Stand !
Say with Pride We are All Members of Gandhi Samaj International !!Please add in comment if you are aware of our Samaj Groups websites and more connection to help all members stay connected to each other in this age of technology.
All are welcome to share the knowledge!!

We found some active online connections as below:
List of Modh Gandhi Samaj in US, Canada, India and World
1. Modh Gandhi Samaj of Ontario, Toronto, Canada

2. Gandhi Samaj of South Gujarat, New Jersy/ New York, USA

3. Navsari Modh Gandhi Yuvak Mandal

Also please update me of if you find new webpages available to be inter-connected.
Please add in comment more as you know, so we proudly create a huge Proud circle of GANDHI’s Around the World.

Let’s create : Proud circle of GANDHI’s Around the World.


We wish all samaj comment with official webpage to be listed in this thoughts, we wish to exchange and share to one another the thoughts and social wealth of wisdom.

It’s just for the betterment of every individual in our Samaj and future Samaj we want to see…thanks for your input and please share in your group. 

Please use the contact form and connect us with your affiliation Samaj group to create big circle from scattered dots…. . 

Appreciated for your efforts!!

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