President’s Message

presidents messageDear Samaj-Members,

Namaskar and welcome to all the new and existing members.

We, the Executive Committee, receive pleasure in knowing that all

the members enjoyed the events that took place in the year 2014, and we would like to welcome you in all events of 2015..

Events such as the Spring Mela, the ever popular yearly picnic, and expecting your co-operation for upcoming Navaratri , Diwali & Christmas Programs to make all a super success.

To make it even more successful in the future we hope to bring in even more members in and encourage volunteers.

I would like to thank each and every one of the members for their

moral and volunteer support. Without your help the events that

were organized would not have been Success. We are also thankful to our Youth Volunteers for their hard work and

outstanding effort throughout all events of the year.

You can visit our web presence for those events on Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Websites, flickr, PICASSA, Android APP & So On…

Please Remember, your participation and support as well as feedback will help the Samaj to improve all the events that we host and hopefully make it much more enjoyable and exciting for all of us.

*Coming Together is Beginning,
Working Together is Progress 

And, Keeping Together is Success.*

Your happiness is our success.

Yours truly,

Dilip Modi


Modh Gandhi Samaj Of Ontario                Jan 1st, 2015

 We Are Growing Together since 1984!!!

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