MGSO in Ontario, Canada

Welcome to The Modh Gandhi Samaj of Ontario. This organization was founded in last millenium and has nearly 600 members in Toronto- GTA vicinity area.

board_logo__2_iconThe goal of our organization is to maintain the Indian culture and heritage in our present day soceity for our next generation and generations to come.

The settlement of the Modh Gandhi community in Ontario and in Canada starts in last millenium, along side with USA. when a few families immigrated to Canada predominantly from the USA, United Kingdom, India and Africa to grasp opportunities in the business and professional fields and to better the life for their children. The majority of the people settled in Ontario with a few families settling in other provinces.
In 1984, likeminded individuals formed the “Modh Gandhi Samaj of Ontario” with a vision to bring the Modh Gandhi community together by offering various religious and social activities. Since that time, the Modh Gandhi has grown and has sponsored numerous events such as  Holi, Bhajans, Picnics, Navratri Raas Garba, Diwali and Christmas celebrations and senior’s and youth events.

Over the years, the Samaj has grown to encompass the whole of the Ontario region, other parts of Canada, the United States of America and continues its base to other parts of the world. The Samaj has a professional corporate structure in place with a Board of Trustees together with a Board of Directors duly elected through a general election process by the samaj members.

Modh Gandhi Samaj of Ontario is always looking for volunteers. We are encouraging members to come forward and give back to their community by volunteering and serving on the Board of Directors. We are actively looking for new thoughts, ideas and directions and we encourage all members, young and old, to participate in serving the Samaj. Your contribution will be well respected and welcomed.

To join, or, if you have any questions, please contact any Active Executive Committee Member of Modh Gandhi Samaj of Ontario.

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Please email to  regarding any events i.e. marriage, birth, graduation, Mundan, death or change of address etc. for Gandhi Samaj members. We will make our full efforts in sharing this information with other members of our GANDHI SAMAJ thru Blog

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