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Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh created Brahmins who were master in Vedas. So that they can turn Dharmaranya in a centre of veda sanshkriti. The lords asked to Vishwakarma to build houses forts and temples reside for the Brahmins. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh created six thousand Brahmins each. They also gave them gotras and gotrasdevi. According to historians the people created by vishnu were sober and honest nature, the people created by Brahma were of rajas nature and people created by Shiva were of angry nature.  

Brahmin could consented on their work, Brahma created kamdhenu caw and on order of Brahma kamdhenu created 36000 people by digging earth by her nails. Those were known as gobhuja or gobhva. They settled in nearest Modhera so that village known by Gabhu. Brahma gave the responsibility of protection of Dharmaranya to his daughter Shreemata.


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Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modh

Modh are the followers of Modheshwari Maa (also known as Matangi Maa), a form of Amba Maa with eighteen hands. They lived in a town called Modhera in Patan District[1] in the northern part of Gujarat. The name of the town Modhera was adopted by the community living around the temple of Modheshwari Mata. The residents of Modhera were from the four caste systems, the Brahmins (priests), Kshatriyas (warriors), Vaishyas (merchants), and the Shudras (services providers). Later on, after 10th century onwards, the predominant community of Modhera consisted of the Brahmins and the Banias. The residents of Modhera migrated to other parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra states to towns such as Surat, Bulsar, Navsari, Mandvi, Bharuch, Ankaleshwar, Bardoli, Billimora, Chikhli, Gandevi, Dharampur, Bombay, Varanasi etc. Hence, the descendants who originated from the township of Modhera whether they are Brahmins, Vanias, Kshatriyas or Harijans are all referred to as Modhs.
It is believed that the Modhs are further divided into Dasha and Visha like any other Gujarati nyat (community). The residents of satellite townships of Modhera like Mandal,adalaj,Gobha also prefixes their town name like Mandaliya Modh, Adalja Modh, Gobhva Modh. The residents who lived on right (dakshin bhag) of townships are called Dasha and those living on left flank (vaam bhag)are called visha. While Dasa Modhs are essentially in business. a subsect of Visha Modhs are called as “GOWBHUJA”. Reference is made in Ramayan that during fight between Viswamitra and Vashisht muni – On Order of Vashisth muni Sabala cow created an army from her arms to defend herself & ashram of Vashist muni and the descendents of these soldiers are also referred to as ‘Gowbhuja’. Visha Modhs are in Land & Jewellary Business.
In the past century, many folks from the Modh community have migrated to countries such as East Africa, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Fiji and the gulf countries.

Modh’s are then divided in two by major caste (1) Modh Brahmin (2) Modh Vanik 

 1.    Modh Brahmin 

Made of Brahmins (priests), Kshatriyas (warriors)


Modh Brahmins were further divided into six by caste as chaturvedies, Traividh, Dhanuja, Tandalja, Agiyasana and Jyesthimall. 

Allouddin Khilji concord Gujarat in 10th century and looted the temples of Gujarat. When he used to attach the temples, Modhs faced him very bravely. But they could not defeat Muslims. A treats was under taken that the Brahmins will give 5000 gold coins and the Muslims army will go back. The gate of Modhera was opened and the Muslims did not act according to the treats and attacked on Modhera. They looted the temple of Modhera goddess. Brahmin immersed the idol of goddess in dharma vav to protect it from Muslims and migrated to different places and settled in different places


2.    Modh Vanik 

Made of Vaishyas (merchants), and the Shudras (services providers)


Adalja, Mandaliya, Madhukara, Teli Modi, Modh Modi, Champaneri Modi, Prema Modi, Modh Patel all are parts of Modh Vaniks. 

Dasa vaniks started work of physically serve and Visa vaniks started financial sponsorships. 

When Rama was reconstruction of Dharmaranya, Rama donated talvar and two chammars to Modh Vaniks. 

When Modh Vanik goes to marriage he put talvar and flays two chammars.  

Allouddin Khilji concord Gujarat  in 10th century and looted the temples of Gujarat. When he used to attach the temples, Modhs faced him very bravely. But they could not defeat Muslims and migrated to different places and settled in different places.
Some modh Vaniks went to Adalaj so they known Adalja

The one who went to Mandal they known as Mandaliya.

In the third yuga the reinsertion of Vishnu Lord Ram his wife sita and his brothers came here to offer. Their repentance as Ram had killed devil the raven who was also a Brahmin. Ram saw the people of Dharmaranya have migrated to other places and the Brahmins also had left the town.  

One day Ram heard a sound of woman’s crying. He sent his people to find out who she is. The lady refused to say anything except for Ram. So Ram went to her, consoled her and asked her problem. She said though you have come here, this town will remain as it is without people. The well were people used to have a holy deep, today pigs are swims are messing up the place. So please reestablish this town and oblige me. Ram agreed to do so and called back all the Brahmins who had left the town. He got houses and temples reconstructed. Hanuman also went around and asked Baniyas to resettle in Dharmaranya. About 1, 25, 000 Baniya settled in the town from Mandal with blessing of Ram. They all were known Mandaliya.

Modh Vaniks have two by caste Dasa and Visa. Who established of right hand of Kamdhenu, they known Dasa and who established of left hand of Kamdhenu they known Visa. Actually all are Gaubhuja Vaniks. Modh Vaniks are prayers to little Lord Krishna Lalaji Thakorji. Lord Ram is istadev of Modh Vaniks.

 The one who worked of farms they known Modh Patel. Maximam people of Modh Patels in Sabarkatha district in Gujarat.  

Importantly: We Modh Gandhi belongs to –
Vaishyas (merchants) – subcaste of Modh Vanik***

*** according to Historians

Famous Modhs

  • The famous AcharyaHemachandra (1089 – 1172), advisor to ChalukyaKumarpal[2]
  • BhattarakaKumudachandra of Bardoli of Mula Sangh, reigned during 1599-1630. He wrote 28 texts and was the composer of 30 padas. His main disciples were Abhayachandra (who succeeded him), Bramhasagar, Dharmasagar, Sanyamsagar etc. He wrote in Rajasthani with a touch of Gujarati. He also wrote in Marathi[3].
  • Seth Laxmidas & Laxmandas 1812 – 1857) Hyderabad – Deccan. Top financier to Nizam
  • Mahatma Gandhi, philosopher, humanitarian and the leader of India’s swarajya movement. Father of Nation.
  • Sir Purshottam Das, a member in Nehru‘s Cabinet.
  • Devkaran Nanji founder of Dena Bank.
  • Dhirubhai Ambani, founder of Reliance Industries.
  • Rachit Dalal, founder of Ray Vision.

While most Modhs remained shiv / Mata upasak few of them became Vaishnava Hindus or occasionally Jains.

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modh 

Needless to say:
India’s Current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is from Our Own Community,
as we all knows the fact.


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