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Modh Gandhi Samaj Celebrates Silver Jubilee

Modh Gandhi Samaj Celebrates Silver Jubilee

Modh Gandhi Samaj Celebrates Silver Jubilee

2009-11-21, 14:45:28
By Firoz KhanMississauga: Hundreds of  members of the Modh Gandhi Samaj of Ontario (MGSO), some from as far as the US, clad in traditional Gujarati attires, gathered at the Verdi Banquet Hall, Mississauga to celebrate the silver jubilee of their Samaj.
Addressing the gathering, chief guest Maurizio Bevilacqua, M.P. Vaughan, said, “This is the real Canada where cultures from different parts of the world come together and make a new Canadian culture, a culture that has respect for all cultures.” He further said, “Every entrant has to face hard time. There are so many barriers that each of us have to overcome in the beginning. Keep your spirit alive, work hard and you ought to achieve success.”
Guest of Honour and Consul of India M.P. Singh congratulated the Samaj for completing 25 years and urged the members not to forget their Indian roots.
Suman Gandhi, general secretary of Samaj, informed the guests that the Samaj had over 1,000  members and each of them contributed $25.00 per year. Our membership is still growing and maintains a Funeral Fund, Navnit Modi, the treasurer said.
Dilip Modi, vice-president, proposed a vote of thanks. Sachin and Premal Naik enthralled the audience by singing old and new Bollywood songs while people danced away till the  hours.
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