Achievement Awards

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Achievement Award

  • MGSO Achievement Award

Modh Gandhi Samaj of Ontario will honour all graduates at our upcoming Diwali Celebration. In order to do, we request that anyone who has graduated from an Elementary School (grade 8), Secondary School (grade 12), Community College or University (minimum 3 years program) to submit their certificate or graduation information to:

Mr. Arvind Gandhi  or call directly 647-970-2316

*All submissions must be made by November 15, 2015 to qualify for the awards.

Following information is required:

  1. Full name & phone number
  2. Full name of school, college, university
  3. Graduated as…. (Grade, degree, diploma etc..)
  4. Any extracurricular achievement (sports, clubs etc.
  • Diwali program Participants

Anyone who is interested in participating in this year’s Diwali program please contact the following committee members with information regarding type of item, length & name of participants etc. to following:

Mrs. Lina Gandhi (416) 305 9567
Mrs. Bhavini Gandhi (416) 879 4948
Mrs. Nidhi Prajapati (647) 248 1695


*All submissions must be made by November 15, 2015


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