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For Email Subscription / MGSO Newsletter/ Event Notification & More:

1.You can Subscribe one or more e-mail and you are not requiredto fill up the Registration Helpline form
2. If you are using Mobile device, please go to the most bottom  of the page, and click on View Full Site.
3. Now you are on Full Site or Desktop/Laptop Version. Please again go to the most bottom of the page, Now here you have to fill up email address in the (most bottom of the page)Enter your email addressbox one email address at at a time and just click “Sign me up!” button to subscribe it, when you receive email in your particular email’s  Inbox (or may be junk/spam folder) for activation of subscription, please accept /subscribe it..and enjoy receiving the e-blast whenever we share with you..:)
Thank You for Getting Connected in the New & Digital Age .. You are Welcome to MGSO Information..

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… if you can not understand or need help we can help you by you contacting us thru the form for helpline in this box

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